any advise - i dont want to lose weight

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Hi, i just found this forum and am so pleased since im desperate for some advise.

Im an unnaturally low body weight but i have chosen to maintain this for many years. However, i do not want to lose weight and although have been doing a 36hour water fast every now and again, im concerned that if i do it too regularly it will have an impact on my weight and i will ultimately have to eat more to sustain my already low weight. At first i thought of doing it once a month, but concerned that since im on a lower number of calories a day anyway jsut to maintain my lower body weight, i might lose weight. Then i thought perhaps every other month or once every 3 months? What do you think? . Would this still mean id lose weight after every 'fast' and so have to increase my original calorie intake just to restore what id lost in those 36hrs? (i dont want to consider juice fasting - just water fasting)

(You see, I thought that the body uses an incredible amount of calorific energy for digesting the food we eat and so during a water fast it would not require these calories and therefore you wouldnt lose weight.

Also, i had expected that because the body goes into starvation mode when its not fed, i would NOT lose weight since my metabolism would freeze. I dont want to lose weight...and end up having to increase my food intake just so that i can detox my body - that would just defeat the whole object!)

Does it work out that If i miss a day without my usual calorie intake, then i will lose body weight if i do not eat more on the next day?

I mean - regular fasters, do they lose weight continuously? How do you maintain weight on a regular fast? ..or does the body manage to maintain its weight despite the food restriction for that one day? I just dont want to end up having to increase my food intake after the 36 hours just to maintain my weight.

And i dont want my metabolism to slow right down so that when i next eat, anything and everything gets stored as fat, rather than used as energy.....

Thanks for listening guys - hope someone can help,



  • Nicolette, why do you feel the need to do a water fast? It's not my business, but something you may want to question. Especially if you are underweight, I would think your focus should be more on properly nourishing yourself.

  • the_chumanathe_chumana Raw Newbie

    You need to research water fasting more thouroughly. Its NOT starvation mode, it's detoxification mode. try there's a section on water fasting.

  • freewitheftfreewitheft Raw Newbie

    You won't get to starvation mode during a 36-hour fast. I forget how many days it takes before your body goes there, but it's longer than that.

    One of the benefits of fasting is that it "re-sets" your metabolism. How your individual body is re-set is an individual thing. You may be able to maintain weight or you may need to increase calories. I wouldn't worry about adding all the extra calories just in the following day though. You could spread it out over several days. You'll just have to see how your body reacts and responds, I think.

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