cleansing and constipation! help!

hi all i dont know if this is the right place to post but here goes....this is my first cleanse that i'm doing. my normal pattern of poop was atleast 1-2 times a day. i have been on a clease already for 5 days now and have only have pooped twice! the product i'm using is "first cleanse" by renew life. i'm also taking a fiber supplement once a day. i have also changed my diet for the sake of the cleanse, only juicing veggies with my vitamix 5200 and drinking lots, lots and lots of water. i may occasionally eat a detox veggie soup and have a few bits of raw almond butter. i'm wondering why the sudden bowel changes have occured? please any one with input please help.

oh yeah, the last time went to the bathroom was two days ago. this morning i put together a concoction of lemon and olive oil which is supposed to help me go but no luck as of yet.



  • RaWongton,

    I did the Raw Cleanse from Garden of Life last week and it did the same thing to me. I have to go get a colonic now because it seems to be so messed up. I may have a great release at the appointment and it may be worth it. Of course, if you can't get a colonic, it may take a bit longer for the cleanse tyo work through your system. It may have stirred up a lot of toxins and gunk that was in your system. If you can't get a colonic maybe an enema is your next best bet.

    Hope it works through soon,



  • wow, thanks what a relief, i was beginning to think i was from another planet. well i still have a week left on it and i do feel tons better but i dont like the fact that i'm not going as i normally do. i asked a cust serv representative over the phone if i should worried about toxins staying in my system since i'm not going that much and she told me even though i'm not going as regular that the toxins will release through other routes like through my breath and perspiration. i believe what she stated is true but i also know that pooping all those toxins will be the greatest way to get rid of them.

    thanks on the recommendation i might have to go do a colonic after these or poss enema any you suggest?

  • Just an update, I had my colonic and wow! I feel so much better! I hope you were able to go get one. Regardless of what the sales rep said. If your not pooping, your not detoxing. The longer food sits in your system the more toxic you become. Just ask your colon hydro-therapist.


  • agreeing with nicole here: if you are constipated, then you aren't detoxing.

    i've found the best natural laxative that is easy on the body is either oxy-mag or epsom salt - epsom is a lot cheaper and you can find it any drug store.

    take 1 heaping tablespoon dissolved in large glass of water with a pinch of sea salt - within 2 hours you should be having totally liquid bowel movement.

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