To Dehydrate... or not to dehydrate....

So I am seeing all of these droolicious recipes making cakes, breads and all sorts of yummy things (from the traditional cooking sense) but... so far in my past, I wasn't exactly a huge fan of dehydrated fruit. Soooo my question is... cooking with a dehydrator, does it always make everything hard and crispy and shrivelled up? or are the breads/cookies, moist and soft like you would get if you baked it? I am thinking in terms of flavour, texture, etc. Any advice would be appreciated. I don't want to waste money on a dehydrator if I don't think I am going to like what comes out of it.


  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    bread/cookies in the dehydrator definitely have a different texture than you're used, too, but still delicious. since most of them are nut heavy, you won't get that light, airy texture (at least i haven't).

  • Ah, there are secrets in dehydration of raw mixes. I have avoided dehydration myself, well until now, as there have been a couple of raw food dehydration experts in my area which have made my sprouted pizza shells, tacos, quiche shells, curry crepes, neet balls, a multitude of crackers, and the anato seed rosemary bread which is just wonderful. These are regularly on the menu at the Waterfall Villas in Costa Rica whre I am chef, and I fill these with fresh veggies and greens and delightful sauces, Usually, raw bread is very thin, so it is not the same as in a traditional bread. But if you watch the dehydration time you can get a texture that is not too chewy, but light and not at all crunchy.

    I am going to be getting together with these two experts soon, as my own dehydrator is on the way and Eric Rivkin is once again going to be doing his specialty raw food preparation classes at the Waterfall Villas starting next month with a dehydrator class. He definitely knows how to do this right.

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