going back high raw

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not 100% though...

So my hubby and I have decided to get back high raw. however im having a hard time try to figure out what to eat. we have a 2 year old son that i was high raw with when i was preggo, high raw 1 1/2 before preggo and high raw 10 months after birth but i lost so much weight and did want raw foods. I ate high gourme/ rich raw foods most of the time and i know that was veyr unhealthy. I do not want to eat rich heavy raw foods but cant seem to figure out what to make.

so far i've started slow, removed all chocolate (cooked and raw) removed wheat products ( still eating gluten free breads and stuff) removed caffine and tryi'ng to remove all cane sugar but have been having some set backs.

i am juicing and green smoothis everyday, and trying to eat a fresh sald wrapped in a gluten free wrap to kinda ease back into raw foods. any other suggestions?

it's really important for me to start eating proper again because of my 2 year old ya know...

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