How long did your detox last?

It's only day 2 of 100% raw and I feel like a mess! Light headed, loss of memory, no concentration, and very shakey.. coincidentially I've got a lot of tests and projects and I'm so unable to focus. Is this normal for only day 2? I am very eager for this stage to be over already...

I did do high raw for about a week and a half so that I could ease myself into this, but I guess not.

So, in order to know what to expect, how long did your detox last? How did you know it finally ended? Gradually or immediate reward?

Are there any vitamins or minerals that helped, or that you found you were deficient in?

Thanks :}!


  • Oh, also does your amount of exercise increase/decrease detox symptoms? I've been very inactive due to loads of homework.

  • the first two weeks are the hardest due to your body adjusting. I went only 75% raw and I had all those symptoms too. After 2 weeks though, I got my normal strength back and felt really really good! I was also taking vitamins such as C, Zinc, Magnesium, Selenium, Lecithin, a multi, and omega's. I was also doing heavy coursework in school and it was tough, and I'd continue low amount of activity until symptoms pass. I figure 2 weeks sounds about normal, but perhaps because you did high raw to ease into it yours won't last as long.

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    sensible water intake is also the key during rough detox periods, one of the best things infact:).


  • I guess it all depends on how much your body has to detox. It differs for everyone, If you ate a very meat, cheese, macdonalds meal, you will probably detox harder than a vegan.

    I think you can also compare it to a sugar crash, if you keep loading yourself with sugar you dont notice, but when you stop you crash hard and it's awful but its the only way to rid yourself of it.

    It may seem bad, but look at the great side of how good you will feel after and how amazing the process is that is going on inside you, all that chemicals and crap leaving you, it may seem awful but its better they are going, right? On the suggestion of vitamins and minerals I would personally suggest leaving it, because you may feel god awful now but you dont know what a few days will bring.

    The best thing I would say is rest and water, if you have to work so be it, but other than that relax.

  • My personal experience was that the detoxification symptoms were the worst during the first few days..

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