salt flush

Hello! I have decided to give the salt flush some more attention recently. I have used it before and had great results. The last couple times I tried it, however, it did not work at all and left me feeling down all day. What is the problem? Have used both Celtic sea salt and Pink Himalayan..does the type of salt matter if it is unrefined/unionized sea salt?

I used 2 tsp sea salt, 1 quart warm water.

Any suggestions? Thanks : )


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  • ambiguousambiguous Raw Newbie

    I would suggest trying to drink some plain water first thing in the morning, then waiting a little while (at least 15min) before doing the flush. We're often dehydrated when we wake up, and I think this can affect the salt flush process.

    You can also try cutting the amounts in half--1 tsp salt in 16oz of water. I find that this is usually enough for me.

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    How fast did you drink it? If you take too long it gets absorbed instead of going right thru

    I drink it with a straw as fast as I can. I do have to take a minute or two breaks because it makes me want to hurl.

    but I try to get it down in five minutes

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