Is back pain a symptom of detox?

I don't know how else to explain this horrific pain...?


  • SbutterAMflySbutterAMfly Raw Newbie

    It could be. I get pain in my back often, from my kidneys, when I'm detoxing

  • iknikn

    I had horrible lower back pain when i quit coffee cold turkey. It felt like I'm beeing cut in half with a saw. It lasted for over a week. My legs, thighs, hips hurt as well. It was awefull.

    Hope you feel better!

  • nsns

    I used to have recurring lower back pain and sciatica, although they were certainly not related to food or detox. What works best for me is yoga, next best is exercise/stretching.

  • kuritekurite Raw Newbie

    Did you do something that could have spurred this on?

  • I recently completed a 3 week juice fast and I had horrible kidney/upper back pain...especially while driving. I actually came off of the fast due to the pain, increased my raw veggies and pain gone....def. a detox symptom.

  • that is a long time to be on a juice fast

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