Hello All :)

I just signed up so i could write in your interesting forum. I have been vegan for two years, veg for three and i have been exploring raw cooking/lifestyle for a few days now. I have just begun learning, but i am SO excited and feel great about it. There is just So so much to learn! I am actually supposed to be fast asleep right now but can't stop thinking of all i have got ahead of me.

I need some guidance! haha

any tips would be greatly appreciated

Pleased to meet you,



  • eechoeecho Raw Newbie

    Welcome! My advice for you starting out is educate, educate, educate yourself. Read a lot of books. Some of my favorites for starters are: Your Healthy Journey by Fred Bisci, Green For Life by Boutenko, and Your Natural Diet by T. C. Fry

  • Thank You so much for the recommendations!! I have been spending every free minute i have researching on the internet and i plan to keep on :) Greatly appreciated

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