OK, something is definitely WRONG

Hello you all, well I've been thinking a lot about putting this but really this is freaking me out!! Well, is about my digestion... I normally go 1-3 times a day (you know.. number 2).. and I made a 3 day juice feast I know, nut much but I think it was good.. well since that I haven't go to the bathroom!! I took teas, and I eat a lot a lot of fibre in most of my food, I don't know what the reason is but I will give you an idea of what I eat, lately I haven't eat any nuts/seeds at all, mostly fruit and veggies neither oils, I've been drinking juices and a lot of water, teas etc etc and I'm very worried about this bad digestion issue... I hope you can help and give some ideas of what could be wrong.. THANKS


  • How long since your last bowel movement? A few days isn't such a big deal (though sounds very uncommon for all the fruits and veggies. If it's like a week that's something different?

    Nothing down there hurts? You can still eat? If it hurts when you try (if your trying), you can't eat (or it comes up) and you feel sick- get into a doctor. Otherwise, if it's just a day or two I wouldn't worry so much. Maybe you don't have much to get rid of since you weren't eating anything solid for a while?

    I don't do fasts, so I don't know if that's common?

  • I mean, yesterday I did but like nothing and it was so difficult, there was no pain but I just couldn't take anything out.. I thought that too.. about there not being much to take out but even when you're juice feasting you poop so I will see how it gets this next 2 days hope everything gets better because I really feel kinda desperate!!

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    During a long-term juice feast, I've heard that enemas are crucial. Since yours was only 3 days, I am not sure if you need to do one, but it might be beneficial.

  • It is very common not to have a bowel movement at the start of a juice fast because your body is used to having to digest solid foods which then triggers peristalsis (wave like motion of the intestines to move fecal matter through your bowels). Since you are not eating solid foods, your body doesn't activate peristalsis as readily but your body will adjust!

  • Yeah, it's definitely probably related to the juice fast. I went on a juice fast once, (and only once because I HATE not pooping haha) and I could not poo.

    The thing is when you juice stuff, you aren't really getting any of the fiber from those fruits and veggies because the fiber is all in the tissues of the stuff...aka the pulp. You could try mixing the pulp in with the juice when you juice and see if that makes a difference... but then, that might conflict with the purpose of the juice fast (I don't know... I don't know a heck of a lot about juice fasts because I believe eating whole fruits and veggies is better, personal opinion)

    anyway your body will figure itself out, just get some fiber in ya! apples apples apples :)

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