The China Study (aka #1 reason to be VEGAN)

Ok Everyone hold on a minute while I get out my soap box! Phew ok! If you havent already read this book. I REALLY REALLY recomend that you do. Its not about raw foods its about 75 years of scientfic studies on the effects of the SAD. It has made being raw so easy for me and I can see that the future of scientfic studies will prove (some already have) that vegan is good and raw vegan is best! If you are like me and need cold hard logical scientfic facts to get you inspired read this book!

Or if you know someone suffering from disease buy them this book it will save thier lives.

Ok putting away the soap box!

Peace Love and Light


  • Where is this book available? Like is there an web page for it? I have been looking for something with facts to give to my dad. He’s one of those who has to be re-programed to really get into anything (especially those things that are actually GOOD for him) and raw is one of those things I just can’t seem to talk him into myself.. He still thinks it’s a phase I’m going through. Even though his health is failing… Thanks ambikalee

  • It’s available on amazon for under 12 dollars.…=pd_bbs_sr_1/102-3206868-3712964?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1186578163&sr=8-1

    I’d also recommend this book for people who are stuck in the protein myth of the ‘90s, and those who think vegan diets make people frail and malnurtished. What a bunch of bull!

  • HIGHLY recommend this book! I’ve actually read passages to my dad because he refuses to read.

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    This book has been my source for many scientific, observational information posts in my health groups. I give it 5 stars. Another good book is called “A Way Out” by Mathew Grace. He cured his MS with a raw diet, exercise and sunshine. He goes into great detail why we shouldn’t eat meat, dairy or cooked foods. In his opinion, this diet is healing for all dis-ease.

  • I agree this is a great read! Some of the information is very inspirational. Teaches you to keep an open mind when reading about ‘studies’ and why the medical community is so corrupt as well as the government. The world needs more Colin Campbells.

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