ok. for the past two weeks i've been itchy non-stop, have a headache, and a burning pain in my back (my upper latissmus dorsi area- it feels like i'm getting branded). these little hives pop up everywhere (even down there) and i'm really nervous. and i never get headaches or back pains- even from working out. i always stretch really well before and after my workouts. the only change in my diet is that i've been doing 80/10/10 for about 3 weeks. also, i ate baby bananas last week for the first time and they were ughhh. do you think it's an allergic reaction? i feel like i'm going crazy because i don't know what to do. is there a site that i can type in all my symptoms and see what it comes up with?? i'm just so clueless and i can't concentrate which is bad because it's finals week. any ideas??? i've had to put hydrocortisone (sp?) on my hands because the scratches have turned into open sores that are just crazy itchy and swollen.


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    This may not be the most popular suggestion, but I would suggest taking benedryl for the next day or two and seeing if that helps. It does sound like you are having an allergic reaction to something... Have you changed any soaps, detergents, shampoos, etc? If the benedryl helps, you know it's a reaction. If not, its time to go to the doctor. In fact, if the benedryl does help, I'd still find someone who can give you allergy testing (preferably provocative skin testing rather than blood, but blood tests that include IGG reactions are somewhat helpful). It could be a food reaction or something that has changed in your environment. If you're not already using sodium lauryl sulfate and paraben free detergents, soaps, etc. it might be time to make the switch and see if it helps.

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    is this pain back in the middle of your upper back or more to the left or right.

    Has this pain and symptoms been constant for 2 weeks now?


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    cami, isn't it weird?? shampoo and detergent is the same but i have a new body wash. if i was paying for the detergent, i'd buy sulfate/paraben free but i just use what my parents get. i think i'm going to take the benedryl because i'm just so itchy. i know i have allergies (dogs, dustmites, pollen) because i was tested with those dreaded needles and pricks.

    powerlifter, more in the middle between my shoulder blades. i went swimming once last week but i usually never have a pain from it. i feel it most when i eat something or when i bend over- that's when it really stings. i have all next week off from school so i'm going to make an appointment with my doctor for a physical- it's been a while since i've gone to see her.

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    if the SLS and parabens are the problem, I'm sure your parents would be willing to get paraben free. Biokleen has pretty good concentrated formula for clothes detergent. Jaason is usually OK. Trader Joes has some products too that are cost effective.

    I hope you feel better soon!

  • Have you been taking B12? That can cause hives and itching.

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    no b 12. i don't take any vitamins or supplements. the rash is still on my hands but i'm just dealing with it. my back is what's bothering me most. i feel like someone is punching my back with their hand that's on fire. it's sucha weird feeling.

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    Can you have your parents look and see if you have little blisters? Maybe shingles? Shingles I've had (I was only 17 when I got them the first time) and it felt like fire.

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    cami, the back thing is unrelated to the itchiness, at least i think. my mom says my back looks fine. it's just something inside. i honestly feel like i'm being branded but there is no mark at all.

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