restricted diet w/lots of raw food

Hey so i just joined today because I have to start this diet where I eliminate the top 4 allergens (dairy, soy, corn, eggs) for 3 weeks.

I need to eat a lot of raw food every day but I'm so picky and don't know what my options are! So I wanted to come here and see what kinds of recipes and other people's ideas there are. One step at a time (:


  • sisterbeckysisterbecky Raw Newbie

    That leaves you with plenty to eat still! There are so many different fruits. Try a fruits you've never tried before. For me, slicing them up in a fruit salad give me a whole different experience than just eating them by themselves. You may not be that way? You may not be able to do nuts? If you can, there are still many kinds. Try different types of greens besides the regular iceburg. You can make a different type of salad every time by changing the greens, or adding different fruits, veggies, or nuts (if you eat them).

  • oh yes certainly I have my fruit/berries all blended together! that's how I hav my fruit. And I hate iceburg lettuce hahah, I call it wanabe salad. My salads are always big, leafy, and dark green. I must, must have nuts throughout the day but they make me bloated. I suppose I just need to soak them in water for a day to get all the enzyme inhibitors out :)

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