Blender vs Food Processor

So i am still trying to decide on a blender. I am considering the following:

Blendtec HP3A ($400)

Vita-Mix 5200 ($450)

Vita-Mix Vita-Prep 3 ($500)

Vita-Mix Blending Station Advance ($900)

Blendtec Extreme Tom Dickson Edition ($1,000)

I am seeing that they will all do the job when it comes to smoothies. The real test that seems to trip them up is the NUT BUTTER.

Now the way to go for Nut Butter would be the Blendtec Extreme as it has all the power to get it done as well as a container from which it would be easy to scoop out. Problem is that for the money i could get another blender PLUS a MagiMix food processor and still have $$$ left over. Then i could simply make that nut butter in the food processor.

So question is - does it really make any sense to demand from a blender to do a good job on food processor tasks when u can just use a food processor for them ?

Is there something (aside from blending smoothies) a Vita-Mix 5200 can do that a MagiMix 5150 can't ?

Is nut butter better made in a blender or a food processor or using something else altogether ?

thanks in advance for any help !


  • I am having a hard time understanding the purpose of VitaMix 5200 and Vita-Prep 3.

    On Vita-Mix site the Vita-Prep is listed as a food preparation device as opposed to drink preparation for most other Vita-Mix commercial products.

    So it's basically not a blender but a food processor. But aren't products like Cuisinart and MagiMix better at processing food ?

    If you're crazy enough to spend hundreds of dollars on a blender chances are you already have a food processor - no ?

    please help me understand.

  • the vitamix 5200 has a variable speed and is sold thru the household division of vitamix. the vita prep is (if i'm not mistaken) sold for commercial use other than that they're essentially the same thing under different name tag commercial use vs home use has certain legal differences. also the home warranty on the 5200 is 7 yrs vs a shorter one on the prep (since it's technically commercial and thus subject to more wear and tear) the vitamix 5200 can do wet, dry and wet chop or grind. it does some things much better than a food processor with much more power and gusto

    some things are though still more suited (like chopping or slicing) to a food processor. a food processor won't break down greens or nuts and seeds or grain as well as a vitamix will if you have any questions, feel free to email me or just post here

    you can also use my savings code on my website for the best deals and free shipping on vitamix 5200 (any home use model) that's what i'd recommend as an expert as the best home use tool

    i perfer it hands down over the others.


    btw for anyone interested a family friend is upgrading and selling their vitamix 3600 plus. if anyone is looking for one of these let me know. it's the stainless steel model with 4 forward speeds and reverse. it does wet and dry in the same canister it's in very good strong condition.

  • I just got a Vita-Mix blender and while I was waiting for it my Cuisinart food processor broke after about 12 years of use. After learning about how the Vita-Mix could "dry chop" and "wet chop vegetables" I decided not to try to repair or replace the food processor. The Vita-Mix will also make nut butters. I got a mandoline slicer for my slicing needs for about $14 on Amazon. I already use my hand blender with the blending or chopping attachment for processing smaller quantities of food. With the blending attachment I can also blend foods of any volume right in a bowl.

    Factory reconditioned Vita-Mix 5200s cost $50-$70 less than the brand new ones. That's what I got. The first one they sent me wasn't reconditioned well. A tab that holds the cord in a slot where it leaves the base had broken and someone glued it to the base and the cord. I called them and they sent me a prepaid return label. I shipped the parts that they said to ship back to them and got a new one very quickly. Their customer service is great. Also, when you buy a Vita-Mix blender you are eligible to become a Vita-Mix affiliate and make 15% commission on blenders people buy using your free shipping code. You just have to get 6 people to use your code every year to stay in the program. Commission from that many sales could pay for your blender.

    I know the Vita-Mix is pricey, but any durable product made by a company willing to back it up with a good warranty (my Vita-Mix has a seven year warranty) is going to be expensive. I have broken three blenders, a hand blender and a food processor in my lifetime. I got a Vita-Mix because I wanted something durable and versatile and a high-speed blender does things that no other machine can do and does other things faster. Everything comes out so smooth in my Vita-Mix very quickly. I highly recommend it.

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