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Hope spring is beautiful wherever you are. We are in need of advice were planning a trip to Texas during June/July and are wanting to stay healthy. We have kiddos as well~

What are some easy things besides just salad that will travel well. Where are any good vegan restaurants or those that provide options?

Any and all advice appreciated we have never flown on a plane with the kiddos or taken this far away of a trip THANK YOU ahead of time!

PS would anyone living near Houston or within a couple hours be willing to let us use their high speed blender to make a couple bulk batches of nut sauces(mac nut sour cream, cheez etc)



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    I don't live in Houston, but was there recently, I live in the Dallas area. However, when I was there I did a search and found a place called Pat Greer's Kitchen. They prepare takeout raw vegan food. They also sell through a company called My Fit Foods that I do know alot about, they are reputable. I tried a place, Sunshine Foods, it was ok, but really out of the way and they advertised that they were raw, but had everything and weren't real clear on the definition of raw.

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    It's pretty slim pickins in Houston!

    I posted a recipe called instant hot cereal a couple of days ago, it travels very well and would take care of breakfast.

    I also make an instant soup. I dehydrate spiralized zucchini, sliced carrots, green onion, parsley, sliced celery and kale leaves.

    Then I dehydrate tomatoes, red bell pepper, more celery, carrot , cilantro, parsley and green onion. Once totally dry, I grind that in the coffee grinder until fine, I add nutritional yeast and grind it too. You can season it with salt and I use a dried no salt organic seasoning. I pack the dried vegs and the powder in bags at a ratio of 1 c. vegs to 2 heaping tablespoons broth powder. I add hot water and instant soup. I eat that every day for lunch! You could make tomato bread from this site, it's called Amazing Pizza Bread, I believe. It's delicious and versatile. And not too fragile to pack.

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    bump...thanx daniefon I really dont want to bring a bunch of food though since were flying, I hear things are pretty strict through security...

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