civic minded

Hi all, I was at my local feed store( for the horses) and saw a biz card that read: “magazines for our troops” I called the number and this nice man told me about how our troops have very little american reading material…except what familys send and that gets read up and passed around pretty quick. So he decided to pick up anyones old mags, books, comics, ect ect…. he said after his first shipment that the request came back for more “girl” mags!! so he solicited doctors offices and hair salons and feed stores it seems…he takes them to camp pendelton and they ship them over! I cleaned out my bookshelves and packed up my sunset,home and garden, and horsey rags and took them to the tack shop for pick up, as an after thought i wrote a little note in each publication…just about my favorite article and all..It was great to not be throwing these things way…maybe check with your local bases and see if they would be willing to ship…those poor kids are over there doing a really odious job, if my equus magazine makes a horseman or woman feel closer to home then so be it!=) let me know what you find out from your local bases! good luck!


  • LOL I wonder if we’ll end up seeing any of those horse magazines here in Soran?? We frequently get GI visitors and usually it’s my hubby’s job to be the interpreter (he works for the mayor as an on-call interpreter) I think it’s a great idea though and I’m glad to see that people are able to reach out from the US to here in Iraq.. It isn’t the WORST place on earth but it is a difficult place to be especially if you’re a soldier..

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