hello yall

hello everyone

im just transitioning to raw from being vegan for 5 years. i don't have much money so its just been bananas and raw almond butter and salsas lately but i should be getting a dehydrator soon. I have 1 friend that is raw and is stoked that im going raw but my other friends are freaked out. im not 100% raw yet because i dont want to give up everything just yet, i guess im 90% raw. i look forward to being 100% raw in the next few months and to maybe snag a vitamix. I also live in nyc so i can get anything raw anytime if i have the money.

i do have a question, I heard from a friend that you cant eat beans raw since there is a toxin in them or something. is this true?


  • I'm not sure if beans have toxins in them (and all beans are different) but I personally would not recommend eating them raw without sprouting them. If you go to a health food store you can find sprouted mung beans which many people put in salads. We also just started a raw diet on a budget and found our dehydrator and champion juicer through craiglook.com

    Its like craigslist but lets you search for things throughout the country. If you find a good deal on a juicer or dehydrator you can e-mail the person asking if they'd be willing to accept paypal payment and ship it to you. I've found so many things that would normally cost $200+ under $100 this way. Good luck!


    beryl & kenny

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