skin problems

i have always had very sensative skin- finicky to what products are put on it, bruises very easily, occasional bouts of rosacea, mild acne as teen, bluish tint under my eyes, etc.

i am wandering if all these symptons could be a related vitamin deficiency? something i am missing in my diet? or is there secret miracle product that i haven't tried?

i am about 50-90% raw, so i do occasionally eat chicken, turkey, fish, eggs and milk...but in very small doses. maybe this could be the cause?

any help or insight would be greatly appriciated!

ps. one other random question, does any one do 'oil pulling'?! does it work and how so? thanks!


  • nsns

    I recently started oil pulling. I smoke (just a few a day - bad enough) and I used to get phlegm - that definitely improved after oil pulling. But it is too soon to tell about its other advantages.

    I am still trying to cure my mild eczema (only on the shins) completely. I did cure my seborrheic dermatitis on my own using raw foods and natural cures. Taking flax seed powder and flax seed oil or Udo's 3-6-9 oil (expensive but good) definitely helps. Drink lots of water when you get up. These things would help with all skin related issues.

    I am planning to try enzymes and probiotics next. I am also 50-90% raw but I am not sure if I am able to digest all the oils I need to take for the skin. If you are not sure about your digestion you can consider taking additional enzymes. Raw food philosophy is all related to enzymes. Additional enzymes will help you only in the short term and you can try probiotics for some help in the longer term.

    Try only natural products on the skin. I use coconut oil on my body. I also use a shower filter.

    Check your vitamin A, B complex, C, D, E and zinc levels or simply try supplements.

    Of course, exercise always helps.

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