excalibur dehydrator

Hey!! Id like to know if the excalibur dehydrator is very noisy, I dont want it to disturb my other family members while sleeping.


  • sv3sv3

    I don't find mine that noisy but I do keep the kitchen door shut if it's on and we're going to bed.

  • hmmm im thinking on buying one, but not sure yet. Theres a 9 tray set and 5 tray set, which one is worth the money.

  • eechoeecho Raw Newbie

    I have a 9 tray and its tight, but I most of the time a 5er would be fine.

  • sv3sv3

    Unless you're planning on doing a LOT of dehydrating, just get a 5 tray.

    I only have a baby 4 tray one and it's fine for me. :-)

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Have you checked into Cabella's dehydrators... they have a door to them... but I'm not sure if that makes them less noisy (never heard one running).

  • I never heard of that dehydrater , i searched it up. they look pretty good, not sure if they run better than the excalibur.

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