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Help me out here.

I'm very familiar with raw foods, but I'm often running across terms I don't understand. And it's hard to find out what exactly they mean, without leaving Gone Raw and just searching a bit until I find out. And even then, what I find might not be relevant to a raw foodist. It might be something completely unrelated.

So we were thinking of adding a new feature to Gone Raw. You might call it a "glossary" or a "FAQ" or a "Q and A". We're looking for ideas. What we want to do is make it easy for people to find out what these things mean, and make it easier for them to get started with raw foods. Are you interested in helping out? Do you have thoughts on how it should work? Do you think it's a good idea to have this?


  • Regarding this new feature, I'm specifically looking for your thoughts in these areas:

    • Do you think it's a useful thing to have a FAQ / Q&A / glossary?
    • Are you interested in helping out or contributing?
    • Do you have suggestions as to how it should look or work?

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts on this, and have a lovely weekend!

  • LolaQuizLolaQuiz Raw Newbie

    FAQs are always a good thing in my book.

  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    I think a glossary would be an excellent idea. 

  • RawLiferRawLifer Raw Jr. Leader

    I, too, think it's an excellent idea.  

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