Amazing Meals, Ultimate Meal, Vega...which to choose?!

Onto the exciting topic of...whole food meal replacers! No hate please, I know some people don't agree but I personally find nothing wrong in exploring ALL my options. I tried Amazing Meals a few times but am definetly curious on Vega and Ultimate Meal. Tried Amazing Meals on a school trip mixed with water and stevia which was semi decent, but not the best in my opinion. Kind of mad that Whole Foods doesn't sell trial packets of Vega and Ultimate Meal that I've seen:( so I wanted input before investing in one of those huge containers. I don't think Vega is technically raw, but I hear it's three times more nutrient dense then Ultimate Meal. Wondering which one is more important, all raw, or higher nutrient-especially since both are vegan. Your thoughts? But on the otherhand, I think Ultimate Meal is less expensive then Vega. Comparing nutritional labels online as I write this (except for Ultimate Meal-can't find the nutritional label anywhere) but I'd LOVE the input of people who've tried them or recomendations on what I should check out.

Also, if you're anti whole food meal replacers, could you give me a super-food packed recipe comparable to that of meal replacers?

Thank you so much and enjoy your evening:)

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