Okay so i've read that people shouldn't need to use moisturizer and i am trying to break my addiction to it. My face without it is SOOO dry

Also, i have "chronic hand eczema" and my hands can't really go without some sort of heavy moisturizer.

I've been trying conservative amounts of hemp and then coconut oil on my face/hands/body and it doesn't feel that good on my face or hands, but my old moisturizer has some chemicals and dyes . . . can't be good to use all the time

what the hell do i do?


  • I'm not against vegan, non-animal-tested products.

    I like Hugo Naturals, 100 Percent Pure, and Aveda products.

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    1. look into what you're washing your face with. If you're still using a product that's drying, well that's why people become dependent on moisturizer. It's the same with the shampoo-conditioner cycle. If your skin is particularly dry, you may want to switch to a cream based cleanser instead of bar soap. Or, not use soap to wash your face at all.

    2. look into what are you eating. specifically, are you getting enough fats in your diet. if no, then you're on a one way train to dry skin city.

    3. oil is an awesome natural moisturizer. and cleaner, if you're doing away with soap as per #1. Seriously, don't be scared of oil. It fights acne, moisturizers, is all around awesome. Google the oil cleansing method. Since your skin is dry, go heavy on the olive oil or whatever moisturizing you choose and easy on the castor oil. I love this cleaning method, my skin always has a nice glow afterward.

  • I noticed that my skin needed a lot less moisturizing product once I stopped using soap...that was in February, and I'm now not using moisturizer on my face, and only my legs when I shave...

    I do agree though that oils work well as moisturizers, that's what I'm using now, a bit of EVOO or something...

    Funny, my husband used to be the oiliest person I'd ever seen, and when he quit using soap, the oils cleared up makes me think soaps/detergents/shampoos etc are not the best things in the world for our skin.

  • I have been using Manuka honey and dont think it is drying. idk tho

    And yeah i am a slave to the conditioner and occasional shampoo. My hair is really dry and damaged from former bleaching :/

    And i agree about the never ending cycle of drying the skin/hair out and then globbing conditioner/moisturizer all over it so it is not horrible. I have been doing it for many years. I never even thought there was an alternative until very recently.

    I am trying to just not use moisturizer or lotion and letting my skin "adjust". I'm not crazy about it. idk even know if it will adjust. Thank you all for the insight!

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