Where to buy non-GMO ethanol for home made hand sanitizer?

I was buying EO brand and it uses non-GMO ethanol. I would like to buy this ingredient on my own and mix with jojoba and glycerin. I can't find non-GMO ethanol. Does anyone know where I can find this or if there are other good substitutes? thanks!


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    I don't think there is any such thing. And more importantly WHY would you want it? I personally do not want that on my skin.

  • I currently use this product which has non GMO ethanol as the active ingredient.


    I want to make it myself to save money.

  • dont need it!

  • M42M42

    Sorry, I would have no idea where to get what you as. I was personally under the impression that ethanol is chemically synthesised (acid-catalyzed hydration of ethylene, as first demonstrated by Michael Faraday) so there wouldn't be any organisms involved, genetically modified or not... Though there are doubtlessly other ways so maybe you are looking for those, sorry in that case but I don't have a clue.

    You're probably aware of what ethanol is or you wouldn't be asking for it, but just to be sure I'll quote the safety information here http://msds.chem.ox.ac.uk/ET/ethyl_alcohol.html ...

    "Causes skin and eye irritation. Ingestion can cause nausea, vomitting and inebriation; chronic use can cause serious liver damage. Note that "absolute" alcohol, which is close to 100% ethanol, may nevertheless contain traces of 2-propanol, together with methanol or benzene. The latter two are very toxic, while "denatured" alcohol has substances added to it which make it unpleasant and possibly hazardous to consume. Typical OEL 1000 mg/m3. "

    The good side: it'll probably kill harmful bacteria. I hope you know what you're doing though.

  • you may want to try everclear (the alcoholic drink) Its pretty much ethanol only it is food grade. I don't know if it is legal in your county/state, but that is probably your best bet.

    Personally i say live with the bugs, but i still have those moments when i have to use a nasty restroom or something where a bit of hand sanitizer is quite welcome.

  • The hand sanitizer is marketed as a natural product and it doesn't dry out my hands so I thought it was a better ingredient than others. I'll look for another active ingredient. thanks.

    p.s. I would just live with the bugs/germs except that there are harmful parasites/worms. They spread through ingestion of microscopic eggs so I like to make sure I clean my hands before eating.

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