Soooo i have been having pretty consistent stomach pain the past couple/few days. when first getting on raw i was eating a lot of fats and have been eating tons of dried foods. that was horrible and i cannot digest the fats. the past two days i have eaten tons of bananas. just fruit with a little greens. the problem of bloating and stomach pain has not subsided. and im not going to the bathroom very much.

I dont think bananas even if not ripe enough would do that

has anyone experienced this?


  • Are you using proper food combining? That sounds like that could be a problem.

    Read The Raw food Detox Diet by Natalia Rose.. she explains it well.

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    dried fruits are hard for me to digest too in large amounts.

    bananas can be kind of constipating. I find berries are the best to keep things going for me.

    perhaps an enema or a colonic is needed to restart or unclog your colon. have you looked into that?

  • the idea of an enema scares me a lot but yeah i think it was combination of things. and the bananas were not ripe enough which i read dont digest well. im going to the doctor today just incase it is a real problem. he will probably tell me i am constipated haha. Thanks for the advice everyone!

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