Out of control craving for everything!

Sorry this is a long post but I thought I should be informative incase someone can help me...

I'm rather unhappy with myself right now... All the hard work I've been doing eating healthy since over a year (I'm a vegan who's very low raw but doesn't eat heavily processed foods at all and I cook all of my own food) and now I'm binging uncontrollably...

I slowly started eating more and more, with times when that was normal when I'd go traveling and hiking in the Rockies, but since I've come back I do nothing all day (and I got depressed shortly after coming back with some relationship issues and I stopped worrying about a bunch of stuff that seemed not to get better, you know, giving up on many things) so now I'm binging on all kinds of things... Fruits like berries and bananas, hashbrowns made simply with potatoes and sea salt, porridge (oats or buckwheat with fruits), fatty foods like nut butters... I can't stop!

I know that it obviously partly has to do with my depression and submission, but I can also feel that my body is Missing something. I got tested in February (blood and urine test for a few things but nothing super thorough) and everything was normal, but I feel that even after I stuff myself silly, shortly after my body is HUNGRY, not just craving. So it's a combination of things... but I don't know what I'm missing!

Lately I was eating an organic local diet that pretty much consists of: oats, buckwheat groats, millet, frozen corn, green and red lentils, green peas, hemp seeds, ground flax seeds, frozen berries and apple puree, potatoes (potatoes are the only vegetable I eat decent amounts of which isn't good I think, especially since it's not considered a real "vegetable"...), green onions, winter squash, sea salt and a little bit of frozen beets. Before this change which happened a little over a week ago, I also ate brown rice, various fruits, cocoa powder, spinach, a few vegetables like broccoli (I have to say, I should eat more greens...), I stopped consuming (olive and coconut) oil since the beginning of February... I make rough estimates of my calorie intake and for a long while it was over 2000, lately was around 2400, and now I sometimes go over 3000! My weight went up after all the hiking and traveling I was doing which helped build muscle, but now this isn't muscle I'm building, I'm putting all this extra fatty weight back on... I was doing so good... I love food and cooking and am crazy about it, but now these cravings are taking over... I'll keep binging until I end up eating too much of one food, then I'll go to another. The other week I was super sick (vomiting and diahrrea) from eating too much of something and I thought I learned my lesson, but every day I'm risking overdosing... I feel so out of control! I went painting a house indoors today (a small part time job) and I thought that that would help keep my mind off of food, but I was eating food inbetween paint strokes! I feel the Need to eat and I also want the short-lasting-but-instant satisfying feeling of eating comfort foods. I have to say though, I don't crave super unhealthy junkfoods or any animal products - I never have since I dramatically changed my diet, and I've never been a big meat eater. Generally speaking, I tend to go for carbs - Grains and fruit.

In about 1 1/2 weeks I'm going on a big road trip and that will get rid of the depression or at least motivate me again (since about 3 days ago I also finally gave in to zoning out infront of tv series which makes things worse), but until then I don't know how to get myself out of the dumps or how to figure out what my body's missing without going to see a doctor.

Can anyone give me suggestions as to what they think is going on or what I can do to try and help myself? By the way there is no way that I'm pregnant... Any help is greatly appreciated.


  • sweetsweet Raw Newbie

    Banana-head, I can think of food all day long too, Im already thinking what im going to make for dinner LOL. I like grains too, Im more of a grain person. Before going completely raw, I would eat tons of rice, cooked veggies, cereal, eziekiel bread,beans, fruit etc . I loved that food. I havnt ate that stuff in such a long time . I now eat sprouted mung beans and eat mostly fruit and cauliflower , cucumber, parsley, tomatoe, etc. I dont go for the fatty foods. Mabey your eating alot becasue your body needs a certain nutrient or vitamin. Or mabey your body is repairing its self from all that hiking you did before. I remember I used to eat a whole bag of dehydrated buckwheat each day, now im totally not craving anymore dehydrated buckwheat or any other dehydrated foods.. Im so happy I got over it, When I would eat a whole bag I wouldnt feel so good, I would feel sluggish and dehydrated. Im guessing I craved the dehydrated buckwheat because i was missing some kind of nutrient in it. Now my body is wanting only fresh fruit and veggies:) After awhile of eating the same food you crave for, you will eventually not crave it anymore. you will get fed up .hope this helps:)

  • freewitheftfreewitheft Raw Newbie

    I know the Master Cleanse isn't for everyone but, honestly, if I get to feeling like you are now I know it's time for one. Timing may not be good since you will be leaving on your roadtrip, but maybe you wouldn't need to do the full 10 days. It's definitely better if you can though! It just hits the re-set button in terms of what we're eating and how much, sets your taste buds right again, etc. Not to mention it cleans you out good! ;)

    I just finished my first MC of the year and I've got the glow. lol

  • sweetsweet Raw Newbie

    Do banana island for a week , drink only water and eat as much of bananas you want:) youll feel great!!!

  • Thanks freewitheft for the suggestion. Actually, the master cleanse is the first thing I did when I first changed my diet around. So I got motivated to prepare for a fast (wasn't yet sure if I was going to do a water fast or juice fast or something for a couple of days) and started planning my food and quantities more specifically in preparation for those days... and I didn't feel like I need to. I made a couple of changes and now it's been 4 days that I've been able to control myself and feel okay. This is great! Not really sure what happened, but the thought of starting a fast definitely motivated me in the right direction. I hope it stays this way.

  • Hi Banana-Head,

    You might be lacking some vitamins like vitamin B12 or DHA. Try taking a good multivitamin and fish oil supliments (if you can stand them) for one month and see if it helps :)

    I did the master cleanse a few months ago. I bought the book and followed the instructions to the letter. After 7 days I fainted (not fun!). If I was to do a cleanse in the future it would be a veggie juice feast. Depriving your body of nutrients can't ever be a good thing.


  • freewitheftfreewitheft Raw Newbie

    The MC has been around since the 1940's, hardly a fad. The original booklet by Stanley Burroughs was written in the 70's, based on his experiences with clients over those decades. One of the functions of the cayenne pepper is thermogenic, keeping your metabolism up and preventing your body from entering starvation mode. One's body only burns muscle during the first couple days of a juice fast, then it moves into fat-burning. And our bodies are smart enough to adjust - a friend started a 10-day MC the same day I started my 20-day MC last year. While she lost 10 pounds in 10 days, I only lost about 4 over the whole 20 days, because I didn't need to lose any more than that. Giving the digestive system a *complete* rest as well as a simultaneous detoxing can be very healing. I know of a woman whose MS has been in complete remission for 4 or 5 years now, thanks to a 37-day fast.

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