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Mood Swings/Emotional problems with going raw?

Hey guys :)

I hope this isn't a ridiculous question. I've been creeping for some time now, and can't seem to remember if there has ever been a question on this. I don't know if anyone has ever heard of the "yoga breakdown/breakthrough" where it causes you to cry and change emotionally (out of goodness of course!), I was just wondering if going raw could have this same sort of affect?

Ive been completely raw since last Monday, low fat and everything. Getting almost 100% of all my vitamins and minerals except for Vitamin D and B12 (oopsy). I've been celiac-vegan for over 10 years so it wasn't such a drastic change, as well as a 3 hour/7 days a week practice.

ANYWAY - for the last week or so I've been extremely depressed and crying like a child at the drop of a hat. I'm not much for depression and am usually a driven upbeat kinda lady ( and I shouldn't be PMSing - no no! Even when PMSing I'm a cleaner not a mood swinger).

Has anyone else experienced these sort of symptoms during their detox?

Thanks for taking the time to think about my probs :P

any advice from you lovely people is appreciated!


  • sv3sv3

    Many people say that heavy cooked food can numbs and suppresses our true emotions.

    Often, when people go raw, they are no longer able to keep these emotions hidden and all kinds of unexpected feelings can bubble up to the surface.

    I believe there are quite a few books out there which deal with this kind of thing. Angela Stokes 'Raw Emotions' being one of them.

  • interesting. I feel that exact thing right now. I needed to hear that

    thank you

  • nsns

    You are probably missing the two very important supplements - d3 and b12. B12 might be able to help a bit with the mood.

  • ambiguousambiguous Raw Newbie

    Emotional breakthroughs are common with being raw. I'd also watch out for keeping your blood sugar even if you're eating lots of fruit; for me, a dip in blood sugar (which can happen a few hours after I have sweet fruit and nothing else), makes me feel pretty down. Having some greens and/or protein with your fruit, along with frequent small meals or snacks, can help keep this from happening. Just in case.

  • Thank you for the advice guys!! I actually have problems with B12..including losing my memory over the past couple years! I bet thats probably it!

    Thank you sooo soo much! :D Sorry its taken me so long...lol I'm horrible at this computer biz! :)

  • There is no such thing as a ridiculous question in my opinion! :)

    When the body is healing, all sorts of built up emotions may be released.

    I have been mostly raw for over a year now and I still have this at times. I will catch myself getting emotional over what seems like nothing, but when I take some time to reflect on it, I can usually connect to a source of the emotion. Often it is something from as far back as my childhood that I am releasing.

    It is not strange at all! I think it is actually a very beautiful thing to release and let go of all of this stuff that we have been holding onto and not even realizing it.

    Best wishes to you on your journey!


  • Thanks Happy Raw Girl! Its good to know I'm not just being crazy :P

  • This is amazing... Great responses!!! (I'm new on this forum, and was actually going to post a similar question.. I've found that with cutting out most of the junk, namely meat in the past while, has made an impact on my moods...)

    Good to know!

  • Magnesium is also very important for mood. And actually many people are magnesium deficient, raw or not. There's a reason why women crave chocolate around their periods! Not to say that what you are feeling is PMS. If you are into raw chocolate, try having a handful of cacao nibs, maybe blended into a green smoothie for a pick-me-up.

  • greenwoodgreenwood Raw Newbie

    It might be worth reading this about cacao- recent research claims it is toxic:


    Perhaps carob would be better.

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