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susan121susan121 Raw Newbie

I've been experimenting for a while now on how to get my lashes to grow thicker and longer. And now that I've finally gotten them to epic proportions, I wanted to share with the ladies (and guys who care, heyyy) how to do it. Bascially, take around 1000mg of MSM daily, drink 3 litres minimum of water, and moisturize your lashes with coconut oil every night before bed!

I was taking the MSM for a while, and noticing that my lashes got thicker. But they never really got longer until I started moisturizing them with coconut oil. Now, they are borderline ridiculous!



  • dixiegirl4Christdixiegirl4Christ Raw Newbie

    Coconut oil is what I use every night to take off my waterproof eye make-up.....it's so much easier on your skin than the harse chemical stuff.

    Coconut oil is also really good to keep hair conditioned. The night before I need to wash my hair, I massage a bunch of coconut oil into my scalp and the ends of my hair.

  • If you have light eye lashes but don't want to wear mascara on a regular basis you can use eyelash dye on them!

    I think vitamin B3 (niacin) has been linked to hair growth :)


  • How about organic extra virgin olive oil? I can't find organic coconut oil (or regular!) easily.

  • I've always mositurised my eyelashes from a young age. I don't know if mine are naturally thick and long or it's because of this. I used to get people laughing at me for it but hey it works for me.

    I'm glad it's worked for you.

  • Question: What is MSM? Thanks. : )

  • susan121susan121 Raw Newbie


    I have used MSM both in powder and capsule form. Both work wonders!

  • Blue_EyesBlue_Eyes Raw Master

    That is good to know, I will have to get some MSM, I use coconut oil to take off my mascara but I don't use makeup very often I will have to start doing the oil everyday instead of just waiting for make up day!!


    btw, how long were you using the MSM when you noticed anything different? I used it for a while for my nails but did not ever see any changes, maybe I had a bad kind or was not taking enough OR just to impatient.

  • susan121susan121 Raw Newbie

    It took about 3 weeks for me to be like "wow, this is really working" but then I always say give a supplement 30 days to work before you judge its worth!

  • Blue_EyesBlue_Eyes Raw Master

    what brand do you use? cause I think mine was just bad.

  • teacupteacup Raw Newbie

    this may be a silly question but exactly how do you put the oil on your eyelashes? I'd be afraid of getting it in my eye . . .

    cotton pad?


    eye lash brush?

  • Blue_EyesBlue_Eyes Raw Master

    I just put some on my finger and rub, yes I get some in my eyes but is just fine, and I don't have the "oily eye" going on afterwards either.

  • dixiegirl4Christdixiegirl4Christ Raw Newbie

    I put some on all of my fingers on one hand and rub gently. Use a tissue to get any oil left.

  • ambiguousambiguous Raw Newbie

    I like NOW brand MSM; it's really economical and seems to work. I might recommend just using more MSM if you haven't noticed effects in the past; I haven't noticed too much variation in the brands. But I also don't have "epic" lashes--I'll have to try the coconut oil.

  • susan121susan121 Raw Newbie

    I use now msm, too. And for the coconut oil, sometimes i smear it on with a cotton pad over my whole eye area and sometimes I just use my fingers to rub it onto my lashes. It's easy... just close your eyes... and it doesn't burn if you do get a little oil in them.

  • I started putting coconut oil on my eye area to moisturize my skin and I thought my lashes were longer and thicker but I thought maybe it was my imagination... I'm so glad to hear that others have had the same results! I'm not crazy :). I stopped doing it for awhile so I'm going to start again... Today!

  • Coconut Oil (extra virgin and organic). Coconut oil is $10 and found at any healthfood/vitamin store. Keep in the fridge once opened. It melts to a liquid at 76F.

    Coconut oil is the best treatment for eyelash growth and to prevent breakage. Coconut oil is one of the few oils that can be absorbed by skin and hair. Its properties are also slower and therefore, longer lasting in your system; lasting long enough to have an effect.

    Will it grow your eyelashes and eyebrows? Most likely, yes. If you suffer from losing eyelashes that are not regrowing, there's reason to believe that 'something' is preventing this growth. Coconut oil is very effective in driving out toxins from your body and breaking down plaques of various kinds.

    Its easier/more pleasant to use than applying another oil (and more effective). Use a cleaned mascara brush. You will notice that you might get some in your eye but, its not nearly as likely (or as stinging) as getting olive oil in your eyes. Niether oil will hurt your eyes. In fact, these oils are good for your eyes.

    There is a very good chance that your vunerable eyelash area has some type of subcutaneous build up that is preventing your eyelashes from growing in. Coat your eyelashes with coconut oil every night and you will notice a significant improvement in 8 weeks.

  • dogsuponhotcatsdogsuponhotcats Raw Newbie

    I've always heard that castor oil makes eyelashes grow. Which is better for longer/thicker lashes, castor oil or coconut oil?

  • ambergirlambergirl Raw Newbie

    yes! I use coconut oil too and my eyelashes are STUNNING! which is awesome because I have always hated mascara (it seemed to be a mutual relationship as well).

  • millymilly Raw Newbie

    Girls, I'm eating raw food for 10 months now. I am using coconut oil for everything as I adore its scent, but not for my eyelashes, please, - it feels too heavy and sticky on my eyelids and immediately goes to the eye. So I prefer not to be fanatic about only "raw" cosmetics. I am quite satisfied by my new "Cherish Lash" serum and I was said it's natural. My lashes look really moisturized, silky and much longer. Hugs

  • teresamillteresamill Raw Newbie
    I've been using castor oil for my lashes. It is a stimulant that can trigger hair growth. Found this article here. Might be useful. http://www.chicgirlonline.com/eyelashes/home-remedies-for-longer-and-healthy-eyelashes/
  • julieg4292julieg4292 Raw Newbie

    Hey friends, I totally confirm the strong effect of coconut oil. It helped me to grow back my almost-bold eyebrows, and strengthened my eyelashes. But later I maximized this effect with Cherish Lash serum - now I have the eyelashes of a celebrity )) It's really cool to have the right knowledge and use good products.  

  • sammiecsammiec Raw Newbie

    My eyelashes are already thick and long but you should add few drops of olive oil in your mascara bottle. It will help you to strengthen your eyelashes. 

  • woolashwoolash Raw Newbie

    Have you ever tried any eyelash growth serums? Just read once about Woolash.

    Woolash, one of the most effective eyelash enhancer in the market today, is formulated using natural, plant-based ingredients and bioactive phytomolecle designed to strengthen, condition, moisturize, thicken, and lengthen lashes within 1 to 8 weeks...... Read More

  • Richa94Richa94 Raw Jr. Leader

    Like every woman I also want a long and thicker eyelash for this I even use false eyelashes but after reading this I got to know about the natural remedies. So I will definitely try this method for long and thick eyelashes.

    But one question is here what is MSM?


  • AsusanneaAAsusanneaA Raw Jr. Leader

    I think that good diet and supplementation make the biggest difference when it comes to hair, eyelash and nail growth. I discovered that supplementation with common horsetail works best (especially for hair). As for the eyelashes don't use eyelash curler and too thick mascaras. I know that coconut oil works wonders but for me it was just too thick and not pleasant. I use jojoba oil instead, I like that it is more light weight although the smell is hmm specific so to say. The one that I'm using right now is from Virginic and I really like it, I apply it on my lashes, nails, hair edges (https://virginic.com/collections/oils/products/golden-jojoba-oil). I hope it helps :)

  • jennifers2056jennifers2056 Raw Newbie

    Dermalmd eyelash serum really works!!! It's been four weeks now and my lashes are definitely longer and thicker! I can't wait to see how my lashes look after two more months of using it. I haven't noticed any discomfort whatsoever when I've been using this eyelash serum.. just amazing results!

  • julieg4292julieg4292 Raw Newbie

    That's amusing to read about Cherish Lash here, I was using it too!! 1 year on raw food btw. Well, I felt I should help my eyelashes change just like my figure and skin changed. )) Cherish Lash serum did a great job!!

  • elixadelixad Raw Newbie

    I use castor oil for eyelash growth. A few drops of the oil before bed make eyelashes to become thicker, the touch of lavender in the oil releases a calming effect, giving a full night’s rest.

  • unao8unao8 Raw Newbie

    I totally agree with the castor oil for eyelash growth! The one I also use is the Josie Maran Argan Oil! 

    It is great for your skin and hair as well, and does not leave any stains! Check the link for more info x 

  • harmonysharmonys Raw Newbie

    Dermalmd eyelash serum is great stuff for eyelashes! It actually works to grow them pretty fast too

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