New here... about me!


I'm not raw yet. I have been on/off vegetarian for about 10 years (I am 24) as I was appalled by animal cruelty but I kept slipping up, mostly due to everyone around me eating meat and me feeling pressured!

I am now old enough to go it alone, I think, although people do think I am too extreme already (and I'm just an average vegetarian)!

I did try going vegan for one week but couldn't handle it. Without being able to eat any products containing butter or cheese I just felt completely lost. It was even worse as I like to avoid soya.

I am slightly-built and naturally thin with naturally low (not extreme) blood pressure, so I am concerned about making sure I get my calories, protein, carbs without losing weight.

I grow my own organic sprouts, only drink water/pure juice/organic herbal tea, try to buy organic food when poss (much of it isn't available unfortunately!) and rarely eat processed or junk food (but I do buy good-quality freezer meals sometimes, after checking the ingredients!)

I hope I won't find the transition too difficult.

Looking forward to learning!

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