Which Juicer? Omega 8006 or Kempo Green Power 1305?

Hi, I am about to buy a juicer and have narrowed my search down to the Hippocrates Kempo Greenpower 1305 juicer and the Omega 8006. I have basically found them both online at the same price! Normally the Kempo is much more expensive and I think it creates a higher quality juice although the Omega is georgeous and very easy to clean (less than 2 minutes) and makes a high quality juice also.

Has anyone tried both juicers or can give an opinion on this? I want a juicer that does a bit of everything, creates amazing juice and a clean up that wont put me off making a couple juices a day. I would love to do some juice feasting and I wouldn't want to be dreading cleaning it up. Thanks in advance people.


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