I seem to be eating too many nutrients!

Very very new to raw. Eating mostly non-organic (can't find organic yet) fruits and salad, plus my own organic sprouts.

Putting in my daily food on fitday, the problem seems to be that I go way over the recommended daily allowance on almost everything, without much calories. For instance yesterday almost everything was 'through the roof' on my graph, and the only things that I hadn't reached 100% on were calcium and vitamin D (calcium I usually cover well, vit D I got from sunlight).

So I am worried I might be overdosing on vitamins here. Obviously one or two days won't hurt but every day living like this... will it be ok?

Plus I ate about 1400 calories yesterday. I feel okay but I really need to eat more as I am naturally thin and also very active. How can I make up this extra calories without giving myself a vitamin overdose?



  • Worrying about individual nutrients is a "human" thing, and is actually pushed by commercialization.

    It is a multi-trillion dollar business!!!

    If we all stop and think about , no other animal worries about the nutrients in the right proportions. If we eat the foods we are "suppose" to be eating, we will get the correct amount of nutrients. You need to believe that mothernature has this all figured out for ya.

    However, the one nutrient you might be concerned about is vitamin D.

    Our main source is from the sun.

    Our bodies don't produce vitamin d naturally, so mothernature knows that we will get enough from the sun.

    This means we are people (animals) that spend time outdoors, so make sure you get enough sun.

    I suggest reading 80 10 10 , it makes a lot of sense.

    Our bodies don't produce vitamin c either, so we must get that from our foods, in good doses.

    Just to give you another example, cats don't produce taurine, i is added to the cat food, or else they get sick.

    Guess what!?!?? mothernature has this figured out as well.

    Birds and mice contain good natural does of taurine and i never seen cats hanging out at my local pharmacy, they know what they have to eat.

    Humans are the only animal that seems not to know what to eat.

    How smart are we???

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    It would be pretty hard to overdose on vitamins from a food source, so i wouldnt worry about it and be happy your reaching the recommended levels which are generally lower than therapeutic levels anyway.


  • i agree.

    you won't get an overdose of vitamins from eating FOOD.

    actually, because our soils are so depleted we are actually more often nutrient


    each person is different in terms of what their body needs at the present time

    foods are our best source

    of course

    yet sometimes one needs more concentrated food based supplements to allow the system to heal and function properly.

    that's my specialty in practice

    nutritional support, healing, well being

    eating well is a huge piece of the puzzle of being and staying healthy

    supplementing the SPECIFIC deficiencies YOUR body requires

    is an art and a science.

    it's precise and calculated--exacting.

    the cure of the week magic nutrient is definitely not one size fits all

    the human body is fascinating

    i've been studying it and practicing over 20 years

    would be happy to assist you

    in making the choices that are best for YOU specifically

    when the proper support couples with what we eat and drink

    health maximizes

    the art of fine tuning health is definitely an art~

    that's my specialty.

    again, i'm here to help. feel free to contact me directly.


    doc rona

  • remember non-organic vegetables contain less vitemines than they should so don't worry;-)

    I am sure this is no problem, actually I've heard the health people recommends too small amount of greens each day because- hm, I don't remember why, it had something to do with....no I can't remember, sorry

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