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I bought green dole organic bananas, I left them to ripe but something funny happened, they are still greenn and on the sides the are sort of yellow with black spots, just like a ripe banana. I tried one and the banana inside was actually ripe. why does that happen, and did this ever happen to anyone else? and are they still ok to eat?


  • They were probably gassed or some other unnatural ripening process. they are okay to eat but try to get ungassed ones.

  • when i got them they were in a special plastic bag of dole, they are 100% organic, when i took them out they did sort of smell gassy:S

  • I've had this problem too. Those bananas scare me.

    Superfood, how can you tell the difference? Just buy organic?

  • You can only tell the difference by going to stores that don't sell gassed bananas and/or you see how they are ripening. They should ripen with dots, even dots speckled throughout. If you see them ripening in stripes or in an uneven manner, don't buy from that produce market/distributor anymore.

  • Ew, that happens here in Korea A LOT; Korean fruit is generally okay, but they have serious banana issues. They're either totally ripe and perfect and the people toss them in the bin, or else they're green and horrible and brown inside, and people buy them like they're great...weird

  • kuritekurite Raw Newbie

    Organic bananas aren't gassed? Maybe its because they're not gassed that they don't ripen the same.

  • So if they gas the bananas, the gas in them would cause health problems for people, even if they are organic? So you cant eat them in large amounts?

  • Oh by the way how many bananas do you guys eat in one day? I had 7 bananas in the morninig with 3 small peaches.

  • Blue_EyesBlue_Eyes Raw Master


    Your article you supplied above tells exactly WHY gassing is bad, it says

    "Manufacturers have tried to make ethylene gas in bulk using organic substances by artificially heating large amounts of this biomass material. However, this method of obtaining ethylene gas has not been conducive to commercial production due to the high volume of heat needed to convert natural greenstuffs into a useable commercial product, thus making the process cost prohibitive. Instead, most ethylene gas today is created out of petroleum products such as natural gas liquids or crude oil by the use of heat, nitrogen, and steam that is converted into a liquid gas, and then stored in metal containers used for dispersing on food crops."

    They use UNSAFE chemicals to produce it, (ie petroleum)

    Yuck that is the same reason it is unsafe to use mineral oil on your skin!

  • ambiguousambiguous Raw Newbie

    I'm with durianrider on this one; while I don't support the use of ethylene gas, even if it is from petroleum products, it's chemically identical to the natural gas that ripe fruit emits. And I religiously avoid petroleum products in skin, haircare, and cleaning products. If you can find a producer that doesn't gas their produce, then buy from them. Otherwise, you'll go hungry on a raw diet without eating gassed produce.

    I don't think that the green bananas that do or don't ripen have anything to do with gassing; I agree that they're picked too early or mishandled along the way. I *believe* the Dole bags trap the bananas' natural ethylene gas and help them to ripen--hence the patent on the bag.

  • susan121susan121 Raw Newbie

    Dole specifies that it doesn't use made gas to ripen their organic bananas, but as someone who works in the produce industry, I can tell you not to take their word for it. Right now, organics aren't being regulated nearly as strictly as conventional produce.

    One very memorable inspection from earlier this year involved flea and tick killer, and I couldn't believe it but we were not allowed to intervene with the use of it!!! Yeah. Don't believe what you read, and go ahead and assume that any banana you buy in the states has been gassed... but there are plenty of you-pick bananas in south Florida.

  • OH! you are in korea? How is being a raw fooder there? I am planning to go there within the year to live for a summer up to a year studying abroad. I LOVE korean food, but I would still like to keep a good raw based diet while Im there. I know fruit is really expensive, nuts are cheap, spinach is cheap..from what my korean friends have told me! ^^

  • greenwoodgreenwood Raw Newbie

    Gosh I didn't know bananas are gassed! The organic ones I get here don't ripen with stripes but the speckles/dots so maybe mine haven't been gassed. I get mine from an organic shop- they haven't a brand name on them.

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