Female Libido Enhancer

If every day stress and work feels like it's sapping your energy and killing your interest in sex –– or if you just need a little boost, Hot Rawks™ All Natural Libido Enhancer supplement is formulated to help both men and women using the best certified organic raw ingredients.

We believe in the healing powers of raw organic foods, superfoods and herbs that is why we created Raw-Nation's Hot Rawks. Raw Chocolate Bar coming soon!

Listen to world renowned nutritionist and beauty health expert David Wolfe talk about the aphrodisiac benefits of Hot Rawks on our website


Epimedium (horny goat weed) (organic), Maca Root (raw organic), Tribulus Terrestris (organic), Korean Ginseng (organic), Catauba Bark (organic), Cayenne Powder (raw organic), Cacao (raw organic), Vegetable Capsule.

Vegan. Gluten-free. Non GMO. No Soy Allergens. No Binders or Fillers. Made with Certified Organic Ingredients & Superfood Nutrients.



  • Most of these are adaptogenic herbs which im very fond of, they are good for restoring proper adrenal function, immune system, blood pressure and much more.

    although the korean ginseng variety is actually a CNS stimulant so isnt very good for the adrenals, siberian is better.

    Would be cheaper just buying the singular raw powered herbs.


  • Or you could just eat Pumpkin Seeds...

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