Can you stagger your dehyrating batches of foods?

Hmm... I am new to dehydrating foods...(and posting on forums I hope I do this correctly!! :-) and was wondering...can one stagger the batches to be dehydrated....that is to say, can I put in a batch of soaked almonds to be hydrated in the morning...and in the afternoon, add a batch of freshly sliced lemons which also need dehydrating? Having a busy lifestyle (who doesn't these days!!), I can't get to the nine trays all at once....

Would the fresh lemons have a negative impact on the almonds which have already been dehydrating for several hours??

Appreciate any help I can get!!



  • sv3sv3

    Unless you're dehyrating really strong flavoured food, I don't think it would matter to stagger different things at different times.

    I've done it before and not had any issues.

    hope this helps!

  • camiheartsrawcamiheartsraw Raw Newbie

    I've dehydrated onions and kiwis at the same time....not something I would do again. Usually if I'm making fruit "breads" in the dehydrator, I try to complement with other fruits or sprouts. With vegetables/kale chips I can throw in onions or whatever else. Mild vegetables and fruits have been fine together as well.

  • Thank you camiheartsraw for your comments...I will make sure I don't put "stinky" onions in with Kiwi!! And thank you sv3 for your advice re staggering the food.....I was worried that the moisture from the newly place food might have an adverse effect on the tray that had been drying for a few hours already!! I am glad to know that you have been successful....

    I am enjoying the dehydrator...but one REALLY needs to plan things out....and think about when things will be ready to be taken out....Being a newbie...I am sort of guessing...and I rush home from my activities panicking that the food is going to be over dehydrated!! (Often to find it needs to be in much longer!!)....Like everything...I guess I just need practice!!

  • sv3sv3

    lilabet, I know exactly what you mean about guessing the drying time. I still have this problem now and even if I'm making the same thing, it's different each time. I tend to dehydrate stuff at the weekends when I can be around to keep checking. It's always fun to be kept guessing though! :-)

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