Do you ever think this?

I went into my health food shop the other day and say 'Young Thai coconut' - after all those times looking around for it and finally residing to the internet there it was. So the next day I decided to give it a go (compare it to my usual) and it was all sold out. The woman explained that everyone wants it because it's in all the newspaper, celebrities are now all drinking it etc! Then started telling me of it's benefits, I informed her I'd been drinking it a long time.

Then I started reading newspapers magazines and it is in all the British magazine, it's a 'health craze' just like pomegrante, acai, goji etc. But what annoyed me was a customer in the HFS who said to her friend (In a very proud smug way)

'Have you tried Coconut water, it's new, Iiiiiiiii've been drinking it weeks now'

Does anyone else ever go 'Ugh' It's not so bad when people are behind on it, but when they act likes its a revelation and then (because I buy it) my friends thinking Im jumping on the bandwagon which is apparantly just a marketing ploy. But these people take it just because celebrities do and it's the latest thing.

Does this not slightly annoy others?


  • eechoeecho Raw Newbie

    At the end of the day, you're the healthy one. That's enough.

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    i guess alot of people are just quite naive about these things and havent done much reading.

    i hate the whole crazes though from hoodia, to acai etc. I mean im a big fan of freeze dried acai is a decent supplement much like wheatgrass, goji berries etc. But i hate the way they market them and there cheap supplements which cost about a dollar to produce and have little or no goodness left.


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