is it possible to just eat dried fruit raw dried fruit all day with gallon liquid water

is that possible eatting like this a day 1pound mix of apples, bananas, grapes any type about 16oz of, 8 oz of prunes, dates, figs dried fruit, and 1pound of mixed nuts

or would that be too much even tho raw just curious?


  • camiheartsrawcamiheartsraw Raw Newbie

    Is this weight pre or post soaking the fruit? If it's pre-soaking, I would probably be on the toilet for that month.... That is a lot of sugar.

  • but would tat be too much nuts 16oz and before soaking lol :)

  • and should calories matter

  • guess based lso more fruitarian raw diet

  • ambiguousambiguous Raw Newbie

    One pound of nuts every day is probably too much. Also, you'll really need to include some green vegetables in your diet. Other colors of vegetables are good too :)

    Keep in mind that one pound of fresh fruit really isn't that much--it could be three apples. If you're eating mostly vegetables, this is probably plenty of fruit--but you'd definitely need the veggies. While I love dried fruit, it is best to get most of your fruit fresh if you can, and more than one pound is still reasonable.

    Keep in mind that if you're growing, you'll need more food than a full-grown adult.

  • thank you I was wondering is this ideal so far

    breakfast - 1.5 oz roasted pistachis, 1.5oz tomatoes, 3oz grapes 4.5 oz apple

    lunch - 1oz peanuts , 1.5oz tomatoes, 9oz grapes

    snack - 3oz tomatoes and 6 oz apple

    dinner - 2.5 oz peanuts, 4oz prunes, 6oz apple

    later 10oz apple( 2 5oz apples )

    is that over doing it or will i be ok so far my days been like that and wondering about bananas if there is an amount to have that don't cause constipation

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