Hi Hi Hi from PEI

Hi I am new, obviously, and I have been reading the book detox for women. I went to a natreopath (spelling?) about 8 months ago and she told me I most likely had a systemic yeast infection and gave me better vitamins than I could ever get the drug store and some digestion aids. I have been eating my usual diet all along but she had tried to explain a recommemded diet to me. I was skeptical and wasn't ready to listen. I was in a diet that had me eating protien and carbs every 2 and a half hours. I was gaining weight and feeling worse. About a week ago, my cosmic guides led me to this book in a bookstore. I was flying the next day so I thought it'll give me something to read. I read the whole book and it occurred to me that this was what my doc had been trying to explain. She was showing me on a piece of lined scribbler paper and I wasn't really listening. I am listening now. Everything made sense and I have a reference book. I have been eating as recommended for 5 days so far and can feel the changes already. I'm not happy about the bloating but that should be temporary.

Anyway, it is nice to see that there is a place to go for some support. I hope to get healthy and find others who are after the same thing.

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