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I bought a small piece can anyone tell me how to use it. does it need to be peeled?


  • I guess you mean turmeric. You can grind/powder it and add small amounts to lentil soups, vegetables, salads, etc.. It is a common Indian spice and they use it in all kinds of vegetable/curry/daal (lentil soup) preparations - most of which are cooked. It is very beneficial but the taste would be very strong if taken alone or if allowed to dominate the flavor.

    If it is not dry enough to be ground or powdered you can prepare a paste and use that.

    Sometimes I have added a very small amount to the smoothie just to get the benefits of the herb.

    I mostly just buy powder. I don't think it makes much of a difference whether you peel it or not.

  • Here is the Wiki page on turmeric:


  • turmeric is great, its prob easier to just buy the dry powder as its just as good as fresh.

    best time to consume turmeric is before fatty foods as it helps release bile to break down fats.

    proven anti-tumour, anti-inflammatory etc one of my favorite spices.


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