fruitarian question

i've just began a week ago feel great and notice improvement however my question is that i've been recently like two days ago getting head pains like sugar rushing to my head even at night, is this normal and will it disappear after awhile?


  • lots of fruits contains lots of sugar, what do you eat?

  • normally i have

    breakfast apple, grapes about cup , tomatoes half cup and 1/5oz pistachios in shell

    lunch about same with

    snack tomatoes 1 cup and grapes or an apple large

    dinner 3oz peanuts with prunes 4oz and grapes 3oz

    later two large apples or grapes 10oz

  • only thing I can think of is that grapes are really lots of sugar

    but I don't know if that's it, I just asked because you mentioned the sugar rush feeling.

  • that's a lot of fat you're eating with your fruit. plus sometimes the pesticides don't make you feel well if you're eating nonorganic. "sugar" doesn't cause an issue unless you eat high fat. (I think the person meants carbohydrates and not simply "sugar.")

  • yes, you are right, the person meant carbohydrates;-)

  • true i've been having non organic fruit and like yesterday it wasn't to bad but i do get alot of the pain at night. :) thanks

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