I'm new and not so confused anymore

I am doing this because my stomack isn't working very well and I want to try raw to see if that works

-because raw means using less energy cooking and that is good for the environment (ok blender is using energy argh LOL)

I love raw food

I want to start off very nicely just telling myself I do great and forgive myself if I don't do so great because I've discovered that's what works for me. I will also be nice to you.

I will eat cooked food when I visit my mother because she's allergic to almost all raw vegetables and I will eat cooked food if it's very unpolite to deny but I won't make cooked food myself:-)

that's my plan!


  • You know,

    I find that in living RAW one thing you have to keep in mind is that you are doing it for the physical health of it but since we are also spirit we must not allow the mis-conception of 'GUILT' to haunt us... for guilt can , also, cause disease.

    Balance is a key to being healthy physically, spiritually and ecologically.

    Yes, when I take my mom out to eat for Mother's day I eat shrimp...Big deal !

    It makes her happy & I sleep better. LOL. BALANCE is a key.

    Putting it simply, 'JUST BE HAPPY'!

  • me like your answer:-D:-D

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