Hello from Florida!!!!

I am new to raw foods and trying to get the hang of it. I am in school to become a massage therapist and it has opened doors and my eyes!!! I have learned many things from the classes I have been taking and one thing that sticks in my mind is "you really are what you eat". I have been against eating fast food for a long time now and try to watch what I eat. Learning about how food effects your body really has opened my eyes to going toward a raw food diet, it's just the best for your body. Our current foods found in many grocery stores have been compromised by fillers, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and chemicals not normally found in food and it's killing us slowly. This is just my opinion. I have two young boys to take care of and I want to set them on the right track by eating right and healthy. I have never seen so much obesity in children as I have seen just within the last 10 years and the problem is only getting worse. But I look forward to learning about this great website and the different recipes here. I can't wait to try them! If anyone has any pointers on what to do if you're new, as in where to look first, please let me know. Other than that...hello and I look forward to meeting everyone!


  • Hi Kiki,

    We're also from Florida (Sarasota) ! Are you on youtube? You should add us

    www.youtube.com/100daysraw we are doing a 100 day raw food challenge, with a video for each day. We're looking to connect with other raw foodists and welcome any advice or information that you may have. Live food=live body, dead food=dead body!

    Beryl Lynn

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