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How do I soak nuts and seeds?

My stomack doesn't like nuts and seeds, it gets soooo slow:-(

But it loves raw food! Problem is, without nuts and seeds I go hungry all the time.

I know I am supposed to soak but how? I have placed some almonds in water today and changed the water once, how long are they supposed to be in the water? And how about sunflower seeds? Am I just to put it in water overnight?


  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    i think an average time is 8-12 hours. i usually go with overnight for nuts. for seeds like sunflower, a few hours will work. rinse afterwards.

  • That's fine, thank you:-)

  • It does help but not so much:-(

    My stomack still doesn't like nuts, can I do something else to make it better?

  • Try fermenting them! I also find pairing nuts with the right food helps, like eating walnuts with chocolate or dates.

  • harpieharpie Raw Newbie

    Avacado will take your hunger away , only half, if your not used to it.

    can you not eat coconut either?

  • Are you eating the nuts with anything else? The usually behave the best in the stomach if they are eaten after any other fruit or veggie. If eaten with, (like eating dried fruit and nuts together) things could get ugly. And I think most nuts have a digestion time of like 90+ minutes hence why they would be eaten after most fruits or veggies which tend to have a digestion time of like 30 minutes or less.

    If nuts don't work you can try dousing more of your food with raw olive/coconut/flax oil, that might help the hunger.

  • AH, I have the same problem when eating nuts!

    They make my stomach disgustingly heavy and slow as well >_

  • harpieharpie Raw Newbie

    I have heard recently that between 6>10 soaked almonds is enough for a person to eat each day. When you guys eat nuts do you just eat to many?

    How about grinding/blending a few of them into smothies?

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