Water Kefir - Non Dairy options?


I am severely allergic to Milk - both the lactose and the casein/protein cause an allergic reaction. I'm interested in making my own kefir out of nut "milks", but the strains suggested by Dr. Cousens appear to stem from the goat/milk kefir strains that I just can't do. Even trace amounts of milk residue result in abdominal swelling, pain, and other non-gi problems. Is there a good source in the US of non-milk based kefir grains? I've seen some Japanese water kefir crystals, but I'm not sure what the up and downsides are to these. Anyone more informed than I care to chime in?

I'll do additional research on my own, but it always helps to get more opinions.




  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    water kefir is the best type of kefir in my opinion. Mainly for the fact that its not from a milk source.

    there was an ebay store ill try to get the name of that sold very good water kefir crystals.

    id go with water kefir over any of the others such as soya, coconut etc.


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