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I'm a runner, and I've been marathon training for a while now. Getting ready for my first in July. For a little over 8 months, I've been in keeping with 811, and I honestly think it has made all the difference in my training. Are any of you guys 811 runners?


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    i am but i didn't notice a difference in my running until i went barefoot. i was a terrible runner even with doing 80 10 10 . i just needed to ditch my shoes!! now it's like my favorite thing to do. i don't time it or know how many miles i go since it's outside, but it's a great feeling to be good at it.

  • I run almost bare foot (VFF's) , It's really great but it really hard to gain enough strenght in my feet ("broke" my left feet 5 weeks ago and really broke my right feet last year and of course the enormous muscle pains).

    But The enjoyment is so great that it's worth it. I am crazy that's true.

  • susan121susan121 Raw Newbie

    Oh, I keep reading about barefoot running. Maybe I'll try it soon! The places I run are mostly dirt roads and wooded areas, so I may have to invest in some VFFs (I need an excuse to buy some anyway :P).

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    i don't have vibrams yet so i stick to dirt, concrete, and grass. i'd definitely like to do woods though. it didn't take my feet too long to adapt to the ground (maybe 3 runs?)

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    I tried it tonight.... my feet are already sore but it was pretty exhilarating! I think I'm just gonna run barefoot for fun and keep training in shoes, just because I'm running the marathon in shoes.

    Thanks for the barefoot tip!

  • man... I'd love to run barefoot but I'm so clumsy I'd worry about stubbing my toes and such. Also, are you not more injury prone barefoot running, or am I wrong? I've been interested in this, but I have my doubts about it...

  • I'm a runner but don't follow 811, what types of benefits have you noticed?

  • It is possible to run bare foot on every surface, if you search the internets you will find people who run bare foot on every thing. I'm hesitated about it there's a lot of glass and nails and iron bits, broken tiles where I run, it should be possible but I feel better with vff's on :).

    I'm still struggling with feet that are to weak, did run about 10km Thursday went ok but now it's Saturday and I still have muscle pain. I found rope-jumping that increases strength in feet and legs I will try that (of course the stupid warnings with it: do it with good shoes, be careful, not to much at a time. bah. If I was a child and felt that I must rope-jump i did it without thinking if I got the suitable shoe to do it. even so with running. Just run! even on rubber boots/flipflops you can run as a child why not as a grown up) a grown up body is just to weak.

  • susan121susan121 Raw Newbie

    I've been barefoot running almost every day since I posted this, and wow is it fun. I find I can run a lot longer when I don't wear shoes. So far, the only "injury" I've sustained has been getting a giant thorn stuck in my next-to-big toe. And even that isn't so bad! Love it! Thanks for bringing it up you guys!

    And Coconut Love... I saw a night and day difference in my running when I switched over to raw foods, but it eventually dwindled and I was feeling sluggish. 811 has been a huge help for me... and it pretty much follows the standard for a runner's diet, although a bit more fat is recommended sometimes. 811 has worked really well for training for a marathon, but I'm not sure if I'll keep it up once I'm done.

  • Hi. Would you please tell me what you mean by 811? Thanks!

  • eathealthyforlife:

    it means eating 80% carbs (mainly from fruits, some from leafy greens and other veggies), 10% fat (avocado is a good source), and 10% protein

    you can eat 811 NON-raw too. a good way to track it is with you can enter all your foods in for each day, and below you should see a little pie chart that balances out how much carbs, protein, and fat you've consumed in percentages.

    811 can be very beneficial but it takes a lot of effort in terms of letting go of a LOT of foods... that is, if you do it the way Doug Graham suggests and you omit even dried spices, etc.

    here, check this out:

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