it's working!

I mean, I was waiting for my stomack to start hurting to tell me I had to go to the toilet today but it never started so I went anyway and there it was. No problem

Raw vegetables, soaked nuts and seeds, that's it.


I am also more happy

and I have more energy. I sleep half an hour every day because I tend to get very tired in the middle of the day but that's it.



  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    congrats good to here when people make improvements.

    just watch long term you'll need to add seaweed or you'll be without an iodine source.

  • sorry

    I forgot I had taken a small amount of some fruit and fiber stuff that makes my stomack work faster the day before, that means I still react to nuts even when they are soaked.

    What to do?

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