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Raw corn

Hi!! Id like to try raw corn is it good?, just wondering if its safe to eat it raw, and is it easly digestible.


  • raw corn is delicious! better than cooked. Dont forget to use the corn silk too.

    I like to let the silk marinate in a little amino acids and raw honey, and use it like "spaghetti"

    make a corn a tomato salad with basil and onions to eat with the silk....i think im going to make some now, im getting hungry lol

    I also like to add mushrooms and let the mushrooms sit in the marinade to get a little chewy


    Ya raw corn is really good! I put it in salads and it adds a little sweet taste to it.

    As for it being easy to digest...well I find to comes out the same way that it comes in, but I don't get cramps or bloating from it

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    i digest raw corn better than cooked. because it still has enzymes!

  • raw corn and tomato salad has been my dinner for nearly a week straight...I'm rather hooked on it:)

  • nsns

    Just as an aside, I read somewhere that most of North American soya and corn are genetically modified. So, if this bothers you, you might like to look for the organic variety.

  • I tried raw corn and its delicious!!! It tastes better raw than cooked HAHAHA:)

    Got any recipes?

  • Raw corn is one of my favorite things on the planet. yum. Digestibility is good for me, much better than cooked as someone previously mentioned...

    whoever said they used the corn silks... I didn't know you could eat that stuff... how does THAT digest?

  • when you eat raw corn is it high glycemic? or only high glycemic when cooked?

  • i cant find organic fresh corn:/

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