Am I the only one in this club?

The 'I hate Durian' club. I tried it and its the most repulsive thing I've ever tried. The smell made me sick and the fruit itself - though I tried a small amount - made me feel sick, it smelt and tasted like sick and for ages after I had disgusting burps.

I feverishly brushed my teeth after and ate loads to try and disguise it. I was upset as so many raw fooders raved about it that I was sure I was in for a Raw High but the opposite and yet I've never seen anyone who hates it.

So I've come to you guys are you in or out of this fan club?



    It's so funny you say that because I tried for the first time last weekend and I didn't like it either. The smell of it wasn't too bad but it tasted like sauteed onions...yuk! I also had that taste in my mouth all evening and the next morning despite brushing my teeth A LOT of times.

    I don't want to say that I want to be part of that "I hate durian club" because I think that I will probably give it another try eventually. It's probably an aquired taste rather than an innate one. Maybe if it's blended into a smoothie wtih other stuff the taste wouldn't be as strong.

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    ahah audrey, this post was written for you.


    Ha Ha!!! You are right Joanna, it was TOTALLY written for me :) What a coincidence!

  • what is Durian?

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