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Weight loss :)

Hello! I am going raw tomorrow, and I would LOVE to lose a nice amount of weight before I got to the beach. Don't get me wrong, I'm not going 100% raw to just lose weight. Also to get healthier, increased energy, and a clearer mind, body, and soul. So, I figured that I would post my "plan" on here and see what you guys think. (P.S. I'm also gonna exercise)


Breakfast-Tropical Super Green Smoothie ( Consisting of many leafy greens, hemp, chia seeds, few fruits for flavor)

Optional Snack- Apple with Nut Butter

Lunch- Salad

Optional Snack- A few nuts or so...if a lil hungry

Dinner- Burrito (Kale, avocado, lime, cilantro, red onion, tomato) Dinner varies depending on what cuisine I am craving :)

And that's it! What do ya guys think?



  • I think it's a great idea to give yourself a plan or template - I'm not 100% raw but I try to do raw days sometimes and it helps me to plan ahead and figure out before-hand what my meal plan for the day will be. I know with this exact menu that you've posted, though, I personally would get pretty hungry (but everyone is different). You don't have to take this as advice at all, since we're two different people and what works for one may not work for another, but I'd plan to make the lunch salad as hearty as possible (with nuts, seeds, avocado, sprouts, starchy vegetables like cauliflower, etc) and plan for more snacks, like fruit salads and bars or balls made from nuts and dried fruits.

    My advice wouldn't work at all for the people who prefer to mono-meal, but for me personally I think my stomach must be cast iron because it seems I can mix food in any combination and feel perfectly fine just as long as the food is healthy, haha. I actually feel more satiated and happy when I mix it up! Another person might feel happier and healthier if they had a meal with 6 apples. Hey, whatever works, right?

    In summary, I think your meal plan looks great, and if you feel satiated, that's awesome, but you should plan in the advance for the possibility that you might find yourself still-hungry, and be sure you have plenty of snacks on-hand :)

  • susan121susan121 Raw Newbie

    Hate to be that annoying person who says eat more fruit... but hey, eat more fruit! I know it's higher in calories, but if you just eat fruits and green you will see weight fall off a lot faster than it does just eating a low-cal diet.

    And small meals frequently... best weight loss formula is to eat 200 cals every 2-3 hours

  • Thanks you guys!

    Chai~ I was just kinda working off of a base for the salad :) I'm gonna allow change day to day depending on how hungry I might be. Lol, my stomach is the same way. I think its a must to mix up your food and get exotic every day or every so often! :)

    Susan121~ I love fruit, don't get me wrong :) I had just read something about eating too much fruit and you'll consume alot of sugar to where you won't lose weight. Haha, I

  • I think you will definitely lose weight but I've noticed that you have quite a bit of fats planned (nuts, seeds, avocado). I think it is good for the first bit as your body gets used to this new way of eating, but over a couple of weeks or so maybe decrease a little and add more fruit and leafy greens. Just my opinion! :)

    See 30 Bananas a Day site - fruit won't make you fat...

  • Hey sunrise! Who were you commenting on? All I posted was veggies and a lil fruit, I only had one avocado on there for fat? I think maybe you were glancing at what Chai said. But thanks for the advice..!

    Thanks! Meg

  • Keep up the chia Ihave lost over Two stone using them mixed with cereal and orange juice in the morning. They keep me full till well after 2pm. Eat plenty of fruit also.

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    that sounds very balanced. a lot of people will try to push their type of raw diet on you, but you can really only figure that out for yourself. a great resource for you would be Becoming Raw, which has tons of nutritional advice and meal plans to follow.


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