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Frozen green peas

would frozen green peas be safe to eat once they are melted and soft?, Are they still raw once they are in the bag frozen?


  • I just thawed some organic frozen peas, I tried them and they taste so delicious!!! They are sweet soft and fresh tasting:) Yummy

  • http://www.greenorganic.com/about.html this is the frozen green peas i bought in store.

  • they aren't raw,but they do taste good!

  • I emailed them this morning here is the reply

    Good morning Ms. Hawkins,

    Thank you for your email below, and to answer your question, the only thing done to all of our product prior to IQF (individual quick freeze) is to have them go through a 3 stage rinse – the last rinse is at a temperature of 90 degrees – which lasts mere seconds prior to freezing.

    You can see the full process by going to our website at www.greenorganic.com and going into facilities – the process is shown there with broccoli going through.

    I hope that the above helps and should you have any other questions and/or would like further info rmation, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    Kind regards

    Sylvia Ernstein

    Client / Customer Services

    Green Organic Vegetables Inc

    Suite 1500, 4 Robert Speck Parkway

    Mississauga, Ontario , Canada L4Z 1S1

    Phone: 905-361-9840

    Email: sylvia@greenorganic.com

  • luckily the store I go to carries bags of peas that are not frozen, just sealed and refrigerated. I haven't tried them yet, but want to!

  • ive been eating just grapes and peas for the past 2 days and im feeling better than ever. is it bad to eat the cooked peas with grapes?

  • not really but eating the peas does mess up your grape fast.

    But then it is more about why you are doing it so if you have no major health problems that you are eating the grapes for then eating the peas with it is absolutely fine!!!!

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