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tired of salad

I have been doing raw for a week and have been doing lots of smoothies & green salads I want to keep on the raw diet as I feel great, but am already tired of the salads...any ideas for meals that actually taste like you ate a "dinner"?


  • How about zucchini pasta and marinara sauce?

  • I have a great raw carrot salad this is grand beyond all belief.

  • greenghostgreenghost Raw Newbie

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmm hey Cooking Lady - care to share your Carrot Salad recipe? :)

    addendum: Nevermind! Silly me - I didn't realize you posted it already in the Recipes section.


  • I just checked out the recipe section. Thanks so much for your responses!

  • I'd definitely give a zucchini pasta a try if I were you. You could blend up some cashews with some water and spices for a nice alfredo-y sauce. yumm! it was the one dish that really saved my life while starting out

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    How about raw salsa! I have a salt and spice-free version on my blog that's delicious (goneraw won't let me post the link). Just type in 'salsa' in the search field. :)



  • sv3sv3

    Hey Sheriern, you 've got to try this recipe - it rocks!


    You could have it on top of zuchinni 'pasta' or with some corn crackers, etc.

    Or how about this:


    Looks really tasty but haven't actually got round to trying it myself!


  • You can do green smoothies, like 3 bananas and two sticks of celery and drink it.

    Experiment and check out the recipe section, and i recommend the book 80 10 10.

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