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question about few things

I've just jump on raw 3 weeks ago and just mainly fruitarian type of raw food.

I've been eating plenty of fruit and now notice weightloss with slowly adding more fruit in the day i'm up today to 1615in calories

My question is that i wonder if my gum should change, i norm change to hold off of hunger and not eat but now that i'm adding cals thiking of lowering the chewing of gum since its not raw and another reason to use to keep my teeth clean, but i brush after every meal any ways.

what is a way to do this i'm down to 4 pcs a day and do u think its that bad to have gum or should i realy just try ditching it since not a raw food?


  • a typical day is like:

    wake up have some water

    work out for 12 mins jog and weights

    7-8am breakfast 6.5oz apricots, banana 8oz

    gum at 9am

    gum at 10am


    11am lunch - 8oz banana, 5oz grapes, 1.5oz tomatoes

    12 pm gum

    gum at 1pm

    snack - 6oz grapes green and red and tomatoes 2oz


    dinner- 13oz banana and prunes 1.5oz and peanuts no salt 1oz an pistachios fire roasted 2.5oz


    6pm snack 6oz grapes and tomatoes 2.5oz

    sleep at norm 8 or 9 pm

    do u think this is ok

  • EvaAfricaEvaAfrica Raw Newbie

    I'm not a nutritionist, so won't be able to advise you on the content of your daily food intake.

    However, on the gum: is it raw gum if one ever gets something like that? because the ingredients and extreme processed nature of gum would cause me to say that gum is not a good idea. One would easily think that because gum is just chewed it doesn't affect your body, but the reality is that we do absorb the content of that gum in the mouth and then into the body.

    If one is going to all the effort to go raw and especially if it is to give the body maximum unprocessed nutrition for health, then gum isn't advisable in my opinion.

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    i like to chew cardamon seeds, they help freshen your breathe, aid digestion etc.

    cheap as chips too.


  • nsns

    Cardamom (with the shell) - the green ones - and cloves can also be used.

  • sv3sv3

    Looking at your daily intake I'd def recommend adding some greens and other veggies.

    Try to ditch the gum...or at least cut back.

  • EvaAfricaEvaAfrica Raw Newbie

    try green fennel seeds too, it also freshens the breath, also great for digestion. I love the taste. It's actually an Indian tradition!

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