cucumber noodles

Just wondering if cucumbers are good to use as noodles, i seem to digest them easier and lighter on the stomach. Did anyone try using a cucumber instead of zucchini for noodles? Is there any good recipes for it and is those dehydrated spices like oregano still considered raw. I want to try and find fresh oregano and if not is dry spices, herbes at the store heated ? would it be good to use?


  • CeidrenCeidren Raw Superstar

    Oh yes, I've used these a lot, and they are much lighter, more hydrated as noodles than zuchini. In the past I would mash them together with tomatoes, sea vegetables, and green onions, sometimes with a coconut sauce. I never had a problem with seeds. It depends on the product whether it is heated--if you go for high quality organic spices you are safer.

  • i went to my farmers market and found fresh oregano, it tasted amazing with the cucumber noodles, i removed the seeds from the cucumber and it worked well. I mixed it up with tomatoe ,mushroom,red bell pepper, parsley, and oregano. it almost tasted like pizza LOL!!

  • any advice please:)

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    cucumber is harder to make noodles from because there are so many seeds. i've tried and i can usually just peel the outer few layers.

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